Hello, if you’ve somehow stumbled onto this post. It’s been a long time since this blog was active, even though my posts were always “seldom.” When my post about Attack on Titan went viral, I became extremely anxious regarding this blog since that issue overshadowed anything else I wrote. I still get notifications for comments about it. I succeed in collecting evidence to disprove those who doubted the connection to Isayama, but too well for my lone self to handle. For years it made me unable to share my thoughts with the world as I wished.

Now I have returned to officially announce the retirement of this blog. My Attack on Titan posts will remain public since this issue is still important to myself and to the fandom. I have made the rest of my posts private, perhaps to revisit in the future. I plan to return to media analysis, but under a different identity and on a new blog. Wish me luck! Farewell and thanks for listening.

The Possible Disturbing Dissonance Between Hajime Isayama’s Beliefs and Attack on Titan’s Themes


(Warning: this post contains spoilers for Attack on Titan beyond the anime and discussion of war atrocities.) The popular manga Attack on Titan tells of how war is awful all around and how secrets skew perceptions, so how can its author support Japan’s war crimes in World War II and consider imperialism something beneficial? Continue reading